Polished Concrete Floors in Sydney

Epoxy Flooring Technologies produces抛光混凝土地板在悉尼that are perfect for your home or business. While concrete alone is strong, it requires an extra coating to enhance performance.Polished concreteis durable and hardwearing and protects your flooring from unnecessary and avoidable damages while still keeping up a great aesthetic.

Why Sydney Businesses Choose Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring in Sydneyis becoming more and more popular in both housing, commercial buildings and factories, and it’s easy to see why. It carries a number of different benefits over unpolished concrete because:

  • It eliminates dust – Unpolished concrete floor expels and holds dust which is pushed to the surface. This can have adverse effects on the health of your staff and the cleanliness of the building. Polished floors trap the dust under the covering, and any dust that is on the floor is easy to sweep up with no dust clouds.
  • It’s stain-resistant – Bysealing the surface, polished concrete becomes dense enough to repel water, oils, and chemicals, preventing them from penetrating the surface.
  • It brightens the room – Its surface is able to reflect light, keeping the room well-lit with less artificial lights needed. This helps reduce costs as well as helping the environment.
  • It’s anti-slip – We can add materials to yourpolished concrete floorto create a smooth butnon-slip floor.
  • It’s low maintenance – Because it’s strong and durable, it’s less likely to need repairing. Its smooth surface is easy to clean and, because it’s seamless, it’s easy to keep hygienic, which is why it’s an excellent choice in kitchens and schools.
  • It’s durable – Even with high foot and even machine traffic, it will stay strong and even, unlike unpolished concrete. While unpolished concrete is strong, it can become worn with use, which can soon become a health and safety issue.
  • It’s long lasting –Polished concretecan prolong the lifespan of your floors and enhance its performance for longer. It keeps up the same appearance for its whole lifetime and has less wear and tear damage.

Polished Concrete Flooring in Sydney Homes

Usingpolished concrete for your floorsat home gives the room a contemporary feel, and it’s more and more common to see. We can use a mix of different materials to give the concrete different colours and textures, so people often opt for it as a marble or granite lookalike. It works well with underfloor heating as it absorbs and retains heat much easier. It can also retain the heat from the sun shining through the windows and recycles it to maintain an even climate throughout the house. Because of its reflective abilities, it can also use this light to brighten the room, reducing your energy bills.

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